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Frequently asked questions

Can I test RemoteFlight Server before I buy any of your apps?

Absolutely - there is a free RemoteFlight LITE app just for that purpose. Feel free to download the server, install it and test it. Use the support article if you run into problems. Or you can write me an e-mail and I will gladly help you. So far, the apps have been used by hundreds of pilots with no issues at all, and those few who have had issues and asked for a help, I believe we solved their issues and made things work.

I have RemoteFlight Server installed, but it cannot connect to my Flight Simulator. Why?

Check that you have the latest FSUIPC library installed ( Available here )

I have RemoteFlight Server running and connected to Flight Simulator, but my iPhone application cannot connect. Why?

Please check the following:

  • iPhone must be connected via WI-FI and is on the same hotspot/router as the PC with Flight Simulator
  • RemoteFlightmust not be blocked by any firewall on PC
  • You can also test the server from any machine in your network - simply type in adress bar of your browser following adress:
    http://IP_ADRESS:PORT (replace with ip adress and port that you read on RemoteFlight Server window).
    The server should return a confirmation message to the browser. This works also with iPhone browser. Refer to support page for details.

Can I turn RemoteFlight COMM off during flight? What if I get a phone call?

It is perfectly safe to turn the app off or receive a phone call during flight. Simply turn it on again whenever you wish and it will sync again to the radios on your aircraft.

Can I still use the radio panel in FlightSimulator while using RemoteFlight COMM?

Yes but be aware that RemoteFlight COMM does not automatically sync to Flight Simulator radios. To sync RemoteFlight COMM, just use OFF/ON button in application.

Are you planning to develop other gauges, such as radio navigation, transponder or autopilot?

Yes but it will take some time. They will probably be available separately at first and maybe in future, packed together in one package.

How about Android devices?

We are discovering options to port Remote Flight to Android. No dates at this moment though.

Why do I need to run RemoteFlight Server as Administrator on Windows?

Simply said, Remote Flight Server needs to access some variables from Flight Simulator process, and it is only available when these two applications are on the same level. The safest and easiest way is to ensure every user runs server as Administrator. Please note, that RemoteFlight Server does not access any of your system files, registry etc.

Can I run various apps simulataneously on multiple iOS devices?

Yes, you can, they can even be apps of the same kind (e.g. 2 Cockpit apps and one Radio on three iPads).

Why is my Antivirus software giving me a warning about RemoteFlight Server?

Users have reported this when using Norton Antivirus or Sonar, which features something called WS.Reputation threat. This is basically a statistical method and what the antivirus is saying is that it does not have enough information about the executable and that it might be a threat - yes, fear of the unknown. (That is not a surprise, considering not much people use RF Server, and even smaller ammount of users use also Nortnon Antivirus :)). Based on your setting your antivirus might therefore block the server from installing. We recommend to disable antivirus temporarily, as it may mess up the installation and complicate things for you as the user.

I want to know more about RemoteFlight, do you have a newsletter?

For the most up-to-date information and app previews, check our page at

Can I connect RemoteFlight Server "remotely" from a different PC using WideFS?

Sure, just like any other software using FSUIPC. I can't give you advice on this, but I've seen it working and you, as an experienced user, will know what to do.

RemoteFlight Server is required to connect your Flight Simulator and the apps.
It's very lightweight and indeed free